Back & Joint Wellness Protocol - Essential

by Healing House

Designed This Protocol to Help Address Weakness in the Joint Capsule by Restoring Vital Collagens to the Body

Back & Joint Wellness Protocol - Essential
Number of Products in Protocol: 4


Resolving back pain is practically a national pastime. Few of us escape an occasional bout of aches and stiffness, and for others, back pain can be chronic and debilitating. We have designed this protocol to help address weakness in the joint capsule by restoring vital collagens to the body. Collagen restoration is the key strategy, but this process can take time. Magnesium may work faster to help to relax tight muscles, while essential omega-3 fats help to lubricate and protect our joints. But if you need relief quickly, our Joint Resolve Cream has been expertly formulated to penetrate deep into the muscles to help relieve inflammation and discomfort.

Our Back & Joint Wellness Protocol - Essential bundle contains the following four products:

Collagen Care


Collagen Care Image

Collagen Care is a safe, effective, non-NSAID, anti-inflammatory formula offered in a highly absorbable, delicious tasting apple-flavored powder. Its combination of nutrients work to reduce inflammation, stimulate connective tissue repair and increase joint mobility and function.*

Core Magnesium Chelate

A Highly Absorbable Form of Magnesium

Core Magnesium Chelate Image

Core Magnesium Chelate is one of the best absorbed forms of magnesium. Each capsule provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium.*

Core Omega 1000


Core Omega 1000 Image

Core Omega 1000 is a highly potent, non-GMO fish oil, containing an impressive 1,000 mg omega-3 oils per softgel, making it an ideal choice for therapeutic dosing.*

Joint Resolve Cream

Topical Cream to Support Joint Health

Joint Resolve Cream Image

This soothing topical cream can be used for joint and muscle discomfort. It is a wonderful complement to our encapsulated Joint Resolve TRF product. Topical application provides tissue-warming and surface-cooling effects, utilizing a complex and complete formulation.*

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