Sinus Health Protocol - Advanced

by Healing House
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Effective Support for Neutralizing Invaders, Resetting the Natural Probiotic Health of the Oral and Sinus Cavities, Clearing out Congestion, and Protecting Delicate Membranes.

Sinus Health Protocol - Advanced
Number of Products in Protocol: 5


Our Advanced formulation of our Sinus Health Protocol, we build on our Essential protocol by adding Proteolytic Enzyme Synergy, which utilizes powerful anti-inflammatories and enzymes to help resolve the congestion and pain associated with sinusitis. We also add Immuno Complete, which contains our strongest, most effective immune boosting agents to handle both the acute, chronic, and preventative phases of sinus health.

Our Sinus Health Protocol - Advanced bundle contains the following five products:

ENT Probiotic

Formulated to Help Support Overall Nasopharyngeal Immune Health

ENT Probiotic Image

ENT Probiotic lozenges have been formulated to help support overall nasopharyngeal immune health.*

Monolaurin Synergy

Provides Support for Immune Health Without Adverse Effects on Beneficial Intestinal Flora

Monolaurin Synergy Image

Monolaurin Synergy is an encapsulated formula of monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate), a form of lauric acid, which is the predominant fatty acid in coconut and palm kernel oils and is also present in human breast milk (as 3.5-6.6 percent of total calories). This product is designed to offer potent support for immune health without adverse effects on beneficial intestinal flora. It contains vitamin C for added immune benefit, and sunflower lecithin to enhance absorption of the monolaurin.*

Core Omega 1000

Offers Superior Absorption and Bioavailability

Core Omega 1000 Image

Core Omega 1000 is a highly potent, non-GMO fish oil, containing an impressive 1,000 mg omega-3 oils per softgel, making it an ideal choice for therapeutic dosing.*

Proteolytic Enzyme Synergy

Natural Support for a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Proteolytic Enzyme Synergy Image

Proteolytic Enzyme Synergy is a combination of herbs, nutrients and proteolytic enzymes for modulating the inflammatory response, supporting the natural clearance of proteins like kinin and fibrin, and for supporting healthy lymphatic drainage. The ingredients in Proteolytic Enzyme Synergy provide natural anti-inflammatory effects and protect against oxidative stress.*

Immuno Complete

Natural Support for the Immune System

Immuno Complete Image

Immuno Complete is an herbal formula that is designed to support healthy immune system function during cold and flu season. It contains herbs that support normal natural killer (NK) cell activity and the balance of cytokines, which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of a normal immune system response.*

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