Sleep Wellness Protocol - Advanced

by Healing House
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Provide Key Nutrients to Help Restore Your Ability Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep Naturally

Sleep Wellness Protocol - Advanced
Number of Products in Protocol: 4


In our Advanced Sleep Wellness protocol, we build on our Essential protocol by including Liver Care and Your liver works hardest at detoxification processes and fat metabolism at night while you rest, and it manages the clearance of melatonin during the day, thereby helping to regulate your circadian rhythms. Liver Care has been formulated to assist in these processes.We also add our Core Magnesium Chelate, a buffered form of Magnesium that helps calm our nerves, relax our muscles, and help ease the body into sleep.

Our Sleep Wellness Protocol - Advanced bundle contains the following four products:

Insom Resolve

For the Natural Promotion of Quality Sleep

Insom Resolve Image

Insom Resolve is a blend of botanicals, nutrients, and neurotransmitter precursors designed to support quality, restful sleep. By providing nutritional support for calm brain activity, Insom Resolve promotes relaxation and offers help for occasional sleeplessness.*

5HTP Balance

5-HTP Is a Precursor to Serotonin, a Neurotransmitter Involved in Sending Messages Through the Nervous System

5HTP Balance Image

5HTP Balance is a synergistic formula of 5-hydroxytryptophan (100 mg) and vitamin B6 (20 mg) for supporting overall neurotransmitter metabolism by providing precursors of serotonin.*

Liver Care

Support for the Liver and Gallbladder

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Liver Care is a comprehensive formula designed to support bile flow for the normal processing and elimination of toxins through the specific combination of nutrients and herbs in this formula. By supporting liver and gallbladder function, Liver Care supports the elimination of fatty substances from the liver and the digestion and assimilation of fats and fat soluble vitamins.*

Core Magnesium Chelate

A Highly Absorbable Form of Magnesium

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Core Magnesium Chelate is one of the best absorbed forms of magnesium. Each capsule provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium.*

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